Computer Lab

We have a well equipped computer Lab with projector facility. The computers are versed with Latest software technology for students. All the teaching is done through presentations for beer understanding of students. Our Lab comprises of good quality computers, audio system, microphones and speakers. In our Lab group of 25 students can be accommodated at a single time to enable teachers to have direct interacon with students which help them to learn more precisely. As the subject is introduced in the curriculum it helps students in their future aspects also. Students show great interest in such type of learning system as both practical and theory are taught to them in a visualized manner.

Physics Lab

We have two spacious Laboratories. They are fully equipped with Latest apparatus and infrastructure. They play a major role in providing practical experience in the ?eld of physics. Experiments in these labs are explained to the students, while care is given to its intricate details, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times. Each Lab can accommodate more than 30 students. In our Lab we have travelling Microscopes, Barometers, Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors, Digital Multimeters etc.

Chemistry Lab

Our School has two well equipped Chemistry Laboratories to provide controlled conditions for hands on experience to students of classes 6th to 12th. It helps students to build interest and con?dence in learning. While doing experiments in lab, students get greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learners. School chemistry laboratories have capacity to accommodate 30 students at a time in each lab. Here teachers demonstrate the different activities related to chemistry for the students of classes 6th to 8th whereas the students of classes 9th to 12th get opportunity to have individual hands on performing different experiments of their syllabus. Both Labs are equipped with all measuring instruments (i.e cylinders, beakers, burette, pipets, thermometers etc), safety equipments (i.e Droppers holders, funnels, goggles etc)., different salts and chemicals and other essential istruments like physical balances) oven, kipps apparatus, clamps, etc. Beside this each laboratroy has photographs of sciensts, charts on different lab techniques and metallurgical process, the periodic tables also displayed in each lab. The chart of Lab safety rules are also displayed and proper care is taken during the working of students.

Biology Lab

Biology Lab The school boasts of a well ventilated and equipped lab. It has all the equipments which are required for classes 6th to 12th It can accommodate 30 students at a me. Here biology students recognize the knowledge based upon experimental results and accurate observation is gained through a hands on experience. It has microscope, skeletal system, specimens, charts, models, different chemicals for doing practicals. They learn the concepts by doing them practically. We teach them how to handle the Microscope and see through it. They make, check slides by seeing through microscope to know the cell structure.

Mathematics Lab

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics The mathematical laboratory is a place where every one can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. Math lab take students knowledge beyond the curriculum. Students can verify mathematical facts and theorem through, a variety of activities using different materials. We have well equipped lab consisting of three dimensional and two dimensional objects, wooden models for proving different theorems. We also have geometrical ideas. To understand the concept of weights, we have beam balance, spring balance. For nursery students we have abacus and coloured blocks to recognise shapes. Proper allocation of periods for Lab activities has been done to give practical knowledge to students.

English Language Lab

We have well equipped English Lab for enhancing Communicaon skills amongst our Students. Our English Lab Comprises of good quality audio system, microphones and speakers. Our Lab also have LED which enables the students to watch movie for improving their listening skills. This lab is especially meant for ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills) and ELT (English learning Training Programme) The Lab has booths in which 20 students can sit at a me. Each booth has a microphone and a speaker which is controlled by the teacher. The language Lab provides the privacy that encourages the shy students to speak without any hesitation. It develops the listening and communication skills, Since they hear correct pronunciation through their head phones. Students show more enthusiasm and excitement in learning lesson because of learning Lab System.

A Spectacular Social Science Lab

The school boast of its newly planned Social Science Laboratory where different streams like history, geography. Civics, economics and sociology are covered. It is a scienti?cally proven fact that a child's learning is enhanced if it is coupled with different audio visual aids. Keeping in view this point Social Science Lab is equipped with many working and non-working models which depict various topics of history like discoveries of early man, Indus valley civilizaon etc, of economics such as three sectors of economy i.e primary, secondary and terary, of geography like solar system, types of soil volcano etc. A big globe in this lab proves very helpful in explaining distribuon of Land and water on the surface of earth. Many imaginary lines drawn on it make many basic concepts clear. A global collection of ancient coins of different periods and a unique album of stamps are the jewels of the crown. A few papier Machie products enhance the creativity of this room. Maps covering various domains of world history, geography are there in the lab to attract the students. So art of cartography is naturally inculcated among the children. Valuable informaon about many social evils like child marriage, Sa system untouchability, Sea voyages is conveyed to students through impressive charts and posters. Glimpses of rich cultural heritage of India are presented through many ?ash cards and cut outs. A few puppets from Rajasthan describe the legendary history of the state. Fantastic paintings like Madhubani, Bak etc from various regions of India are beauty of our Lab. One projector in the lab helps children in presentaon of "Power Point Presentaon."