The School is affiliated to CBSE and prepares the children for Senior Secondary School Examination of the CBSE. Uniform system of Assessment, Examination and Report Card for all classes is strictly as per the CBSE Guidelines. Special emphasis is laid on holistic development of the Child and nurturing of talent and creative potential. Co-Scholastic activities like drama, debate, public speaking, music, dance, art and craft are vigorously advocated with the students competing in lnter house events.

Examinations and Promotion

1. The School curriculum is divided into two terms.
     lstTerm : April to Sept.

     2nd Term: Oct to Feb.
    There is an examination at the end of each term and Progress Report is  issued. There are three unit tests, which are considered for promotion. Promotion will be based on both terms and unittests performance.

2. Parents / Guardians are requested to sign the Progress Report and return the same within 3days.

3. The students who are absent in the examinations because of any reason will not be re-examined.

4. Wilful breach of any of the regulations pertaining to the conduct of an examination is punishable and will lead to the cancellation of the answer script.

Medium of Instruction

English and Hindi


On line Attendance App is also available for parents to check. Each student is expected to fulfull the norms of eligibility required by the CBSE i.e minimum of 75% attendance of Lectures delivered by the teacher in each subject.

Combination Of Subjects (2019-20)

Stream Subject Offered  

  1. English

  2. Physics

  3. Chemistry

  4. Maths

  5. PHE /CS / IP

  Bio/Eco (May be taken as 6th Subject)

  1. English

  2. Physics

 3. Chemistry

  4. Biology

  5. PHE /CS / IP

  Maths (May be taken as 6th Subject)

  1. English

  2. Accountancy

  3. B.Studies/ Banking

  4. Economics

  5. PHE /CS / IP / Maths / Hindi / Punjabi

  B.Studies and Banking (Both can be opted),

  If student takes one as additional (6th) Subject.


  1. English

  2. History

  3. Sociology

  4. Political Science / Economics

  5. PHE /CS / IP / Maths

  6. Hindi / Punjabi



1. English is compulsory subject.

2. Five subjects including English is mandatory however student can opt 6th subject as additional 


School Pad

ln today's busy world, it is difficult for parents to stay in touch with their child's grow that School. So, the best way to solve this problem is by giving a simple platform to keep parents updated and stay connected through School Pad.
School Pad is a mobile app which is compatible with both Android and IOS system and it allow parents an insight into the school system. Parents engagement or parents involvement is an important part of the School Education System. We, through School Pad, focus a lot on making Parent Engagement easier that is why, all the important circulars, academic marks and daily attendance is uploaded on the School app. To facilitate parents, fee has been made online from academic session 2018-19.

Kyan Mobile Projector Based Learning In Association With Educom

To prove the old adage true that'seeing is believing', the School has taken an initiative to facilitate KYAN MOBILE PROJECTOR based learning and this helps in better retention and recapitulation of concepts in classes. Classrooms have changed dramatically and these projectors have made teaching and learning more diversified and interactive. Now any wall can be made interactive due to which all the students get a feel of virtual classroom and become involved in the topic being delivered.