Vision & Mission

  •  To provide quality teaching by implementing practical applications to produce progressive society to serve humanity.


  •  To be a premier institute in the region and country by maintaining high academic standards and teaching quality.

Our Mission

  •  To impart high quality education in Science, Mathematics, Commerce & Arts by disseminating practical knowledge.


  •  To provide qualified and competent children to serve humanity by providing environment for holistic development through excellence in teaching and inculcating ethical values and sence of social and environmental responsibilities.


  •  To promote thinking and independent judgement necessary to function responsibility in a globalized society.


  • Intellectual Development: Empowering every student with the skills and knowledge required to cope with the challenges of a complex world.


  • Personality Development: Instilling in every pupil basic human values and confidence by drawing upon our rich and varied heritage in the society.


  • Physical Development: Through the right mixture of sports and Extra-Curricular activities and participating at district, state and national levels.