We have Sports Wing of Hockey Boys (U-17) and (U-19). The school provides excellent sports facilities coupled with well qualified National­ level coaches. The children at SGGS Collegiate Public School are trained in Basketball, Volley ball, etc. Our students participated in 18 different events and have won laurels for the School at National and State Level Competitions in all the events in.

Sports Facilities

"A healthy mind resides in a healthy body" to prove this dictum right, sports forms an integral part of our school curriculum and each child is supposed to participate in various games. The school provides an excellent infrastructure and training facilities to the students. Our School has a mandatory 40 minutes period each day.


  • Experienced and qualified coaches are available to enhance pupil's skills in various games like Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Hockey, Athletics etc.


  • School also encourages students who play other games like Table Tennis, Shooting, Chess, Rowing, Golf etc.


  • Extra-ordinary Sports persons get fee concessions and hostel accommodation.